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VEX_4I’ve been waiting for this game and now it’s here, Vex 4 is back with even more complicated levels and tricky quests.My favorite stick man hero game with awesome graphics and great gameplay is now available at this website for free. Vex 4 just like the previous versions is an adventure game which is very similar to the Fancy Pants. Here a small stick hero is doing crazy stunts and trying to avoid obstacles in every Act of the game. The whole game is divided into Acts and each act has at least 4 checkpoints.Use them and you won’t have to start the level from the beginning.

If you have never played the Vex 4 or any previous version before, I will give you some advice that will make your gaming experience more smooth. Remember that your character can perform really crazy stunts. He can jump from wall to wall like prince of persia, he can swin and do other dangerous actions. All those actions will lead him to the victory. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that according to the number of deaths and time you spend to pass the level, you will be given rank : Gold,Silver, Bronse. Try to make fast decisions in the game to get the highest rank. Playing Vex 4 is also rather simple - all you have to use is the arrow buttons on your keyboard for jumping and running. I am sure you will enjoy the Vex 4 flash game at our website.