Vex 3 Game

Vex 3 is among the most difficult adventure games.  The game has many features that can be unlocked, new achievements and more difficult levels that have to be completed.  It is filled with the new obstacles that have to be overcome and new goodies to get so you can win.

Game Play

When the game gets loaded, the player will notice the page that has the main menu.  At the page, you should choose to play, to build a stage or to check out in a trophies room and to enter into the option panel.

When you are playing this game for the first time, it is better if you can check the option panel before anything else. In the panel, you are able to customize the game so that you can play comfortably and to grow the game so that it can run in a smooth way at the computer.  The options that you may have to adjust can be the sounds, the music, render quality, particle limit, run speed warning and effect volume.


The game starts with the short tutorial phase to let people get used to some basic controls and to be able to learn about obstacles that people can face.  When the tutorial ends, the player is taken to the first level. At the start of the act 1, the stick man hero can perform the recap exercise from Vex 2 so that you can get familiar with the layouts and the controls yandere simulator. The first part of the game has the same obstacles from the old games but there are new objects and obstacles that have been introduced that you can use to your advantage.

The trophies room is the same as the achievements room found in the previous version of this game. Vex 3 has over 40 achievements that you can complete as the player. You should consider if you have everything of what it takes to complete the achievements and to get the trophies.

The standard acts trophies have 10 trophies. Awesome stuff trophies do include 7 trophies that you can collect.  Hard core trophies have 19 trophies that can be collected. The completion trophies have 4 trophies that should be collected.


As the previous game, the Vex 3 comes with the capacity of stage building where as a player, you can customize your stage and you can share it or play it. Contrary to the old version, there is no need to have to unlock the builder packs.  You may jump at once to build and to customize the stage when you start to play.

The stage building mode has new features. For example, you may save the stage that you have built, you may grab a code and you can share it to your friends. You can toggle some objects off or on and you can clear the stage in order to rebuild or to exit from the building mode. The building tools that you need to use are the standards. They have been organized in the own section and at the bottom of a stage building mode screen like platforms, obstacles and objects. There are many things that you are able to use to play the game. No matter whether you are at the office or home or on holidays – most of you should always be available by phone as your colleagues or friends can try to contact you wherever you are.

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