Vex 2 Game

Vex 2 is based on the favorite speedy stick man and he is ready for better adventure and he is funnier. The user can travel with him so that he can complete the amazing new levels that are packed with many difficult obstacles with the rewarding achievements.


When you choose to play a game using main menu, the new players have to begin their tutorials before they start with the normal game. The tutorial is going to give the user the general idea on how to play this game and it gives the practice with basic controls. The game controls are too simple and user can decide to use D and A or going to the left or right keys. If you press on the right arrow keys, they are going to move the stick figure hero around you. If you press on W Key or on up arrow, the hero is going to jump and when the down key or the S key is pressed, it will duck.  These keys may be used together so that the hero can slide or can run or may jump even the walls.

When you had completed a tutorial and you are comfortable with the controls, you are going to start playing the first game. Act 1 is for the total of over 10 Acts in the Vex and each one does include many obstacles that you have to overcome.  When every act is completed, then you may unlock the next act with new goodies.



When you get access to Vex of the first time, the main menu is going to appear. The screen will have multiple options that you can use in order to select what you want. You may choose to play the game or to build the stage or you may check the achievement and enter in the option panel.  In case this is the first game you are playing, you can visit the options panel before the game starts. In the panel, you may customize some game settings like sounds or music effects together with the blend and particle modes. In the addition, you may decide resetting game data and to turn off run time warning.


Game Rewards

The game comes with the achievements room where people can learn about the achievements that you have got and to learn which you have to complete.  The game has over 29 achievements and the higher you go, the more difficult it becomes. The achievement is too simple; you may complete the tutorial any time of the day. To be able to achieve the 7th achievement, you should get the 3 stars and this may sound that it is easy but these stars may be difficult when it comes to find or to collect.

Like the original game, Vex 2 lets the players to make the own stages in order to play and the key is building a better stage which should have as many tools to use as it is possible.  In the stage of the builder mode, the best way of getting the best tools with the obstacles is while playing this game.  The basic building pack does not include too much but more comes while playing the game and unlocking new challenges.

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